LOGIS*Forwarder Management System

Optimal import and export logistics automation solution that supports all business process for export / import business (forwarding)

We innovate business processes by computerizing and automating processes and processes related to import and export logistics with expert knowledge and understanding of field work. With 20 years of experience in providing information services and technology, it is a proprietary solution that is better than any other product and optimized for the customer's business environment, and can meet the customer's specific requirements. If you want to simplify the process of import & export Logistics, improve the operational efficiency, reduce the cost, and improve the productivity, please meet our FMS solution at reasonable price.

Integration solution
Integrated logistics management solution that covers all the tasks involved in import and export logistics

Automation solution
Operational automation solution that automatically performs periodic and repetitive tasks

Risk management solution
Risk management solution that minimizes manual errors

Cost-effective solution
Cost-effective solution that improves productivity and reduces costs
Introduction effect
  • By providing a standard process, you can simplify your work and get to work faster.
  • Business normalization and paperless process ensure a significant cost savings.
  • Provide real-time tracking information to respond quickly and accurately in the event of an emergency.
  • By minimizing manual errors and communication errors, you can significantly improve your productivity.
  • It is a web-based solution that can handle all kinds of tasks without restriction of time and place.
  • It is a global forwarding solution that covers both headquarters and overseas branches. 
    (Including multilingual support)
  • It is a solution that has proved its reliability and expertise already used by many domestic and overseas forwarding companies.
  • It is a universal, scalable solution that complies with all standards. (AEO certification support)
Main function
  • Global point-to-point B / L integration and data integration
  • Encryption of customer information, unverified user access control, regular backups
  • Provide tariffs for B / L and simplify billing management
  • Performance management by user setting and management view
  • Apply e-mail and web fax service linked with electronic document management
  • Elimination of redundant jobs by BL information processing using order and SR information
Service composition
Order Management
B / L Management
Settlement Management
Tax bill
Performance Management
B / L Management
Settlement Management
Tax bill
Performance Management
Document Management
Outstanding Management
Collection Management
business Management
Financial Statements
Ocean Carrier
AMS, AFR, etc.
Implementation effect
Improve business processes professionally and systematically.
Through regular process application, computerization, automation and informatization, it is possible to process the periodically repeatedly simple tasks more quickly and accurately. By doing so, it will improve the productivity of work by minimizing errors and communication errors caused by manual work. In addition, it provides real-time tracking information and statistical analysis data related to various tasks, enabling quick response in case of an emergency, and helping to make quick and accurate decision based on objective data.
Significantly reduce import and export logistics costs.
Minimize labor costs through job automation and reduce labor costs. Achieving Paperless process cost savings by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and loss of expenses due to unnecessary paperwork, thus dramatically reducing overall management costs.
You can process business anytime and anywhere.
By implementing a system based on the web, all relevant company personnel such as shippers, shipping companies, forwarders, customs, and warehouses can handle various tasks more quickly and accurately without restriction of place and time.
Supports global services.
We can integrate and manage the headquarters and overseas branch business, and can be used smoothly in all business environments local and abroad through compliance with international standards, support for various currency units, and multilingual support.
Stable connection with various internal and external systems is possible.
Based on various standards, it can be linked with various internal and external systems such as CRM, SCM, EDI as well as EDI through system designed with considering general purpose and extensibility. In addition, it supports the acquisition of certification in compliance with AEO certification standards.
Application case

Lotte Logistics
Based on the latest information technology, the web-based system that enables the system to be used anytime and anywhere, manages the contracts for customers and vendors, and automatically generates a checkbook with freight information of BL. We provide the analysis data for the manager through the system to enhance the efficiency of the work. In addition, we provide the monitoring function to check the status of business processing from Booking to settlement, and consider the expandability of the system considering the importance of collaboration related to suppliers.

Daelim Corporation
We provide BL information, schedules, rates, freight settling, performance data, and EDI management functions to enable efficient air and shipping import and export business. The standardized process is applied to manage both BL and freight information on one screen, and the user convenience function that is automatically reflected on the related BL when the shipping information is modified in the master BL or house BL is provided. Route setting for each BL, It supports the expected tracking information and the visibility function to manage the location and date of each event. We also provide various reports such as the ability to set the language environment for each user and the performance of the maritime and international logistics according to the customer by region by region and the new user registration and related We support to expand system by registering only basic information.

Web-based integrated system such as order management, air / ocean BL management, performance management, cargo tracking management, etc. that enhanced system integration and system security through reliable human resources with experience in developing various solutions, reliability, stability, scalability. In addition, we have implemented an efficient and optimized future-oriented system with the process that we have put in mind for user's convenience and the interface with SAP.

Woojin Global
Using the web-based ocean/ air forwarding system and equipment management, agency management, and integrated accounting system.