LOGIS*Warehouse Management System

Optimized 3PL (bonded / generic) warehouse management solution for increased productivity and cost savings

It is a solution that can manage the whole warehousing process such as ordering, goods receipt, inspection, stocking, picking, warehouse, settlement etc. of goods of vendor (buyer) , You can efficiently manage total inventory status information by customer and warehouse. This enables us to manage accurate inventory quantity, first-in-first-out, cross-docking, linking with other SCM systems, improving accuracy in picking operations, and reducing time and workload from goods receipt to settlement. It also improves the utilization efficiency of goods storage space and improves productivity and efficiency of business by tracking, grouping by customer, item and order.

Comprehensive warehouse management solution
A one-stop solution from goods receipt to warehousing and inventory management

Multiple warehouse management solutions
A solution to manage multiple warehouses in a single system

Real-time monitoring solution
Web, mobile based, and available anytime, anywhere solution

Location Management Solution
A solution that can check the warehouse status in real time
Introduction effect
  • Improve logistics and warehouse management business processes to reduce lead time and accelerate logistics flow.
  • Real-time inventory management and inventory accuracy ensure the appropriate stock status.
  • It is possible to increase the efficiency of loading space and to achieve first-in-first-out through location management.
  • Reduced workloads and paperless jobs lead cost savings through increased management and workforce efficiency.
  • You can set real-time settlements with your customers by providing storage fees for various storage periods on a variety of criteria.
  • It is a web-based solution that can handle all kinds of tasks without restriction of time and place.
  • It is a global warehouse management solution that covers both headquarters and overseas branch offices. (including multi-language support)
  • It is a solution that can be managed centrally in response to multiple warehouses and customers. (shippers)
  • Supports a complete interface for real-time interworking with internal and external systems and various automation equipment.
Main function
  • Real-time monitoring of I / O operations
  • Automatic creation and direction of goods placement location
  • Plan allocation strategies and picking operations
  • Stock allocation for goods issue based on first-in, first-out
  • Tracking and providing information on I / O details
  • Issuance and issuance of issuing certificate (PDA, RFID support)
  • Supports Cross Docking which can be delivered immediately without going through warehouse or logistics center
  • It manages core information such as customer, item, location, BOM, freight, etc. necessary for operation with master code
  • It receives and manages eD / O issue data received from VAN company in WMS
  • Registration and management of photo files (e-mail, FAX transmission)
  • Customs clearance import notification (customs bonded freight import / export EDI, FTZ import / export notification form)
  • Real-time settlement of the deposit with the customer
Service composition
Goods Receipt Management Order Display, Goods Receipt, Stock
Release management Order Display, Assignment, Picking, Goods Issue, Cross-Dock
Inventory Management Inventory move, stock hold, inventory, inventory inquiry, location management
Inventory analysis View the current status of each product and view the status of input / output stock
Deadline management Daily inventory closures, period / month / day inventory inquiries, customer inventory inquiries, inventory closures
Settlement management Contract registration, contract status inquiry, additional cost registration, inquiry of status of incidental expenses, issuance of settlement of accounts, inquiry of settlement of accounts
Basic code management Customer, Transportation, Container, sku, Location, W / H etc
Etc Document image management, e-mail, FAX transmission
Implementation effect
Maximize warehouse operation efficiency.
Through automation and computerization of warehouse operations in general, it reduces the lead time that occurred in the stocking, laying and warehousing stages, and enables real-time inventory management and cross docking to accelerate the distribution speed. In addition, efficient management of loading space and precise picking operation are realized through systematic location management to prevent shipment and shipping errors.
The cost of warehouse operation can be dramatically reduced.
With standardized automation system, it is possible to reduce the labor cost by minimizing the time and manpower required for warehouse management such as Receipt / storage /release , and the cost incurred due to missing work and processing error due to unnecessary paperwork through paperless process and dramatically reduce total warehouse management costs.
Intelligent inventory management is possible.
Real-time inventory information enables quick and accurate inventory management and response to emergencies by matching real-time inventory information by receipt date / item / location / LOT.
You can process business anytime and anywhere.
By implementing the system on the web and mobile basis, all relevant businesspeople can process various tasks more quickly and accurately without restriction of place and time.
Transparent, accurate storage charges can be calculated and settled.
In order to establish transparent and accurate storage cost, we can calculate the storage fee according to the storage capacity, period, and weight based on the storage period, and it is possible to make real-time settlement with the customer.
Major customers
China - Hunchun POSCO Hyundai International Logistics Complex
Operating warehouse : Frozen warehouse (5), general warehouse (5)
Items : Maintains various items such as aquatic products, agricultural products, container LCL cargo, general cargo.
Operational content : Imported and exported goods from Russia and North Korea, and cargo held in China and then sold and managed in China.
Korea -The Nice Korea
Operational warehouse : Bonded warehouse, general warehouse, bonded factory
Items : Processed wood and assembled furniture.
Operational content : Imported and stored wooden and assembled furniture products imported from Europe, exported to Japan, and shipped to a consignment company after customs clearance. Manufacture and process imported logs, bonded exports, and manage export and domestic sales management. The customer's export and import information interlocking system has been established.
Korea - Naigai Eunsan Logistics
Operational warehouse : Bonded warehouse, general warehouse
Items : Maintain import and general cargo.
Operation contents : It keeps the cargo and general cargo which are imported from abroad, then it is exported to overseas, and it is shipped to the contracting company after customs clearance. The customer's export and import information interlocking system has been established.
Korea - Eunsan Container Terminal, Fair Hub Logistics, Ilyang Global Logistics, Nexen Tire, etc. Others (more than 50)
Operational warehouse : Bonded warehouse, general warehouse
Item : Maintain import and general cargo.
Operation contents : It keeps the cargo and general cargo which are imported from abroad, then it is exported to overseas, and it is shipped to the contracting company after customs clearance. Customs clearance, import information interlocking system has been established.