LOGIS*Transportation Management System

Best-of- breed delivery management solution that delivers cost savings to you as a solution with the latest IT technology

It is a transportaion management IT solution that can dramatically reduce the transportaion cost of your company by providing an optimized process for the transportation business. It is a real-time order management system that grasps orders and controls the progress of shipping. Based on the customer's requirements in maritime transportation, air transportation, land transportation, and international multimodal transport, it is possible to establish transportation plans intelligently considering transportation schedules, transportation routes, transportation methods and transportation costs, Settlement management, vehicle tracking, and all other activities necessary to implement and manage the entire transportation process. In addition, we have established an optimal transportation plan considering various transportation constraints, and we are able to reduce transportation costs, improve customer responsiveness, and just in time (JIT) , A dispatch planning process, and an integrated transportation plan.

Transportation cost reduction solution
Process automation that maximizes transportation efficiency

Intelligent solution
A solution that can reduce lead time by establishing a systematic transportation plan

Real-time Freight Tracking Solution
Wireless network connection solution

Customized solutions
Solutions for changing domestic and international logistics environments
Introduction effect
  • Standardize process delivery and optimize resource management to advance transportation management.
  • Order and transportation management with considering Advantages of each business and customer.
  • Reduce transportation costs by optimizing your dispatch plan and improving vehicle loadability.
  • Real-time monitoring of delivery cycle and compliance with delivery date improve customer satisfaction.
  • One-stop process solution without double input from transportation order to
    settlement and accounting.
  • Integrated logistic management solution that can link FMS (Forwarding Management), WMS (Warehouse Management)
  • It is a solution that can be linked with customer's system and related partner's system via EDI with external organizations.
  • Provides real-time information unique and integrated monitoring service through mobile interworking.
Main function
  • Standardized shipping order and order distribution function
  • Vehicle condition monitoring / control / tracking
  • Establish an integrated transportation plan
  • Rate / Dispatch / Settlement / Audit Management
  • Transportation performance and report management
  • Exception Management
  • EDI connection
Service composition
Order Management
Container, LCL, AIR, Settlement
Dispatch management
Shuttle, General, Settlement
Cross Duck Management
Import, export, settlement
Collaboration management
Order management, result management, settlement
Settlement management
Sales, Purchase, Trial, Unpaid, Deadline Management
Performance management
Sales, Purchase, Planned, Variable Performance, etc.
Vehicle management
Specifications, articles, chassis, insurance, etc.
Basic master management
Customer, fare, rate, etc.
implementation effect
Maximize transportation efficiency through optimal transportation planning.
Optimize transportation plan optimization system to establish rational and efficient transportation plan and provide standardized business process to improve work efficiency.
Significantly reduce transportation costs.
From the order management to the dispatching / cross dock / vehicle / collaboration management, it provides the information about the whole transportation business at a glance, so that the optimal transportation plan can be established. Through this, You can save money.
We provide smart transportation management service.
It can manage transportation articles, shipping orders, and result information in real time by linking with various mobile and web-based smart automation equipment and enables smooth interoperation with customer system.
We can process business anytime and anywhere.
By implementing the system on the web and mobile basis, all relevant businesspeople can process various tasks more quickly and accurately without restriction of place and time.
Convenient and efficient operation is possible through interlocking with internal and external systems.
It is possible to directly communicate with the internal and external systems such as order management, dispatch management, performance management, rate control, etc., in order to maximize convenience and efficiency.
Major customers
China - EPU
Vehicle : Owned Truck (50 cars), Leased Truck (100 vehicles)
Operation contents : 보Bonded, general, Container LCL cargo is managed by various cargo transportation.
Korea - Sungchang comprehensive logistics
Vehicle : Owned Truck (5 units), Leased Truck (150 units)
Operation contents : It manages various cargo transportation such as bonded, general, container LCL cargo.
Korea - ABC
Vehicle : Owned Truck (10 cars), Leased Truck (300 cars)
Operation contents : Bonded, general, Container LCL cargo is managed by various cargo transportation.
Korea - Other
Operational contents : It manages various cargo transportation such as bonded, general, container LCL freight.