Provided international express information service based on expert knowledge and know-how of accumulated express business

Based on the accumulated know-how of import and export logistics and customs, we have developed and operated our own integrated forwarding management solution (FMS), intelligent warehouse management solution (WMS), and integrated transportation management solution (TMS) We provide differentiated international express management service that can satisfy your needs 100%. In addition, we can provide various express cargoes, samples, commercial documents, etc. quickly and accurately to customers through door to door service, and can process non-stop of import and export customs business.

Ubiquitous solution
From reservation to delivery, you can check in real time anytime, anywhere

Total Solution
A solution that can handle import and export related documents preparation and customs clearance

Smart Solutions
Solutions utilizing a variety of computing devices (electronic scales, PDAs, etc.)

Customized solutions
Optimized solution for express business
Introduction effect
  • International express customers can provide their core needs (speed, accuracy, safety, convenience)
  • Multilateral standardized document sharing helps you work more efficiently with your partners.
  • We will strengthen your competitiveness by improving work efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Establish objective, transparent rate system and provide real-time delivery information to improve customer's trust.
  • Provides convenient one-stop function through user interface enhancement.
  • We provide objective data through various computer equipment (electronic scales, PDA, etc.)
  • Leverages mobile devices to provide real-time freight tracking services.
  • In addition to basic express business, we provide comprehensive business support such as clearance and settlement.
  • We provide a variety of reports for rapid decision-making.
  • It is a solution that considers business aspects by providing comfort and reliability to customers using express service.
Main function
  • Order (reservation) reception and order management function
  • Basic information (customer information, contact person information, customer information, rate information, currency, exchange rate, etc.) Management function
  • Cargo status monitoring / control / tracking
  • Manage performance, settlement, profit and loss, reports
  • Weight automation function with waybill when picking up
  • Multi-modal (SEA, AIR, COB ..) function
  • EDI linkage, accounting system linkage, etc.
Service composition
Waybill Management
Waybill upload, output, settlement
Import / export management
Carry-in, weight, carry-out management, settlement
Customs declaration management
Customs clearance list, loading, customs development
Collaboration management
Order management, result management, settlement
Settlement management
Sales, purchase, attempt, unpaid, performance management
Basic master management
Customer, fare, rate, common
Main screen
Implementation effect
Significantly improve the efficiency of courier business.
Standardized automation processes enable faster, more accurate, safer and faster express delivery, resulting in shorter work times, fewer manual and communication errors, and improved productivity. In addition, it provides real-time tracking information and statistical analysis data related to various tasks, which enables quick situation response in case of an emergency and helps to make quick and accurate decision based on more objective data.
Significant cost savings.
By automating tasks, you can minimize manpower input and reduce labor costs. By achieving paperless process , you can reduce total administrative costs by reducing unnecessary job loss due to unnecessary paperwork and costly error.
Optimized solution for international express delivery business.
It enable you to automate and respond to all kinds of tasks from pick-up to delivery according to the diversified international logistics environment, trade style and customer's requirements. In accordance with various international express business such as transportation / Customs clearance / settlement / It provides differentiated and reliable services by linking with internal and external systems.
Gain visibility through real-time information sharing
It provides real-time information on the entire delivery flow and can be shared quickly and accurately with customers and all shipping partners through web and mobile.
We provide the service you want.
It is a customized solution that enables customers to make reservation bookings and referrals directly through a web-based user interface enhancement. In addition, by using digital equipment such as electronic scales, it is possible to provide an objective and reasonable tariff system, which can improve the reliability of customers. Based on this, various sales and marketing activities can be conducted.
Major customers
Korea - MEXG
Operational contents : Receive the information on the waybill for the express courier company and conduct the WHOLESALE work. The imported express carrier receives the information of the waybill and performs the WHOLESALE work. The import individual customer receives the shipping information, receives the imported goods, and manages the delivery from the customs to the final destination. Customs declaration and partner I / F system
Korea - International Logistics
Operation contents : Receive imported cargo from Japan and manage the delivery from the customs clearance to the final destination. Customs declaration and partner I / F system.
Korea - Garden, SOS, CMAX, etc. (20)
Operation contents : Receive customer information and manage delivery from pickup to final delivery overseas.