System Integration

Build the best customized system

Yangjae IT has excellent talents through experience in building many large logistics systems. In addition to the forwarding system construction, we also support the establishment of an integrated logistics system by linking internal periodic systems including ERP, sales, order, integrated settlement system development for 3PL business.

A good logistics service environment recognition

Enterprise ERP interface / interworking experience

Large-scale system construction
Maintaining core technology personnel

Experience building the industry's # 1 customized forwarding system
Major customers

Forwarding Integration Hub system construction
Integrate data of international logistics system which is diverged between branches to exchange data between branches and collect performance and visibility information of all branches in Hub system to realize integrated performance / integrated visibility

Next-generation logistics system construction
We set up PI consulting and set up a business system by setting orders, inland transportation, international logistics, tank containers, and integrated settlement. Perform SAP ERP linkage for order information and settlement information

Established next-generation integrated logistics system
We participated in the next generation integrated logistics system construction project of ROX, which is the logistics part of Dongwon Industry. We integrated the international logistics system with other systems and delivered the bonded warehouse system.

Integrated with Hansol Logistics 3PL operating system (neuron), order integration, integrated settlement, and sales management, we have built an international logistics system and integrated the system of six overseas branches such as China and Hong Kong

Hanjin's global forwarding system construction
Korea, China (Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Weihai, Hong Kong), Vietnam, Cambodia, USA

Participated in the international logistics part and integrated settlement system construction project of GLOVIS, and built an important document management system and online proof system

Global forwarding system construction
Integrated international distribution system of 40 branches around the world and build integrated settlement system

Establishment of international logistics system and integrated integration with internal ERP Integration of information by building system for linking customers and suppliers

International logistics system and equipment management, agency management, integrated accounting system establishment / operation management of enterprise system

Build international logistics system into SAP environment and integrate with SAP's financial system

Participated in pre-sales system / Participated in accounting PI consulting and system construction / Implemented customer service app using mobile

Dealer sales system construction / Homepage and e-booking system construction / Headquarters container management (EQ) system construction