A leading logistics IT company in the world leading the global logistics information business.

Established in 1998, we have continually endeavored to digitize all business related to import and export logistics for 20 years to provide valuable information service satisfying all customers who use business efficiency and cost reduction. As a result, many leading domestic and overseas forwarding companies are using our services and solutions, and are recognized as a market leader based on their professionalism and stability in the industry. We will become a leading company in the world market by striving to be more impressed by customers beyond customer satisfaction based on the best technology and operation know-how recognized in the market for years.

Customer centered
We give priority to customers and provide services that satisfy and trust our customers.

The best technology
We strategically plan and invest generously to secure the best technology in the field.

Leading Innovation
We are constantly changing to provide a better service , without resting on reality.

Global Leader
Leading the global market by presenting global standards in a rapidly changing international logistics environment.
General Information
Company Name Yangjae IT Co., Ltd.
CEO Kim Young sug
Established Year 1998
Business Areas Logistics advanced business, SI, electronic document business
Head office address Seoul, Korea Digital Road 34, 43, Kolon Science Valley 1st
Main Phone 1522-7422
Fax Number 02-2025-2778
Busan Branch Office Address Address : th Floor, I & II Building, 9th Street, Chungjang-dong, Jung-gu, Busan
Main Phone : 051-442-3161
Fax Number : 051-442-3374
Hong Kong Corporation +852-5395-7245
Shanghai Branch +86-152-2182-2780
Vietnam Branch +84-90-606-3137
Business Areas
Consulting for import & export logistics
Third Party Logistics / SCM
Package development and sales
Logis * Forwarder / Logis * Liner / Logis * Agent / Logis * WMS / Logis * TMS / Logis * TPL / External Interface
FNC (Forwarder Network Center) construction
Electronic document business
Electronic receipt issuing system / Accounting management system
Information security policy
Information security policy
· Leap into a responsible company trusted by customers through cloud service information protection
· Leap into a leading company in technological competitiveness through development software protection
All employees of the Company must understand the above information security policy and protect the information assets of the company and the customer related to the software developed by the company's technology and the information service provided by the company.

To achieve this, all employees must comply with security regulations and internal information security policies related to work, and are responsible for carrying out all tasks described in the information security policy book.

In addition, awareness of the security principle that something not allowed is prohibited, and the confirmation of the security pledge shall be implemented, and the responsibility for continuous improvement of security corrective measures shall be fulfilled.

August 31, 2017

Yangjae IT Corporation
2011 ~ current
  • MCI global GSI system construction
  • Participated in the upgrading of Hyundai Glovis Overseas Forwarding System
  • Woojin Global Integrated Logistics System
  • Construction of e-Booking system
  • Electronic receipt support project (sponsored by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, 2016)
2000 ~ 2010
  • Development of XML EDI Interface
  • Forwarder Package ASP business launched
  • Courier, Transportation, Warehouse Package Development (Logis * TMS)
  • Warehouse Package Development (Logis * WMS)
  • Development of US Customs Maritime AMS Declaration Interface System
1998 ~ 1999
  • Established Yangjae IT Co., Ltd. (Capital: 100 million won)
  • Forwarder Package Development (Logis * Forwarder)
  • Develop logistics information package (Logis * Liner)