Electronic Receipt

Convenient and economical electronic receipt issuing solution
based on Bluetooth

The electronic receipt is a paperless service that can solve the problems of the existing paper receipt, such as issuing cost, environmental hormone detection, personal information leakage, etc. It is a method of directly transmitting the purchase receipt that has been output to paper to the customer smartphone. In the meantime, e-mail and NFC have been used for electronic receipt service. However, e-mail is inconvenient to use and NFC has not spread the service due to limitations of available smartphone types (iPhone not available) and expensive equipment usage . We have developed an electronic receipt system that is easy to use, has a wide range of applications, and can be installed at a lower cost than NFC by developing hybrid Bluetooth (bluetooth classical, bluetooth 4.0, BLE, sound beacon technology) Was developed. Based on this, it was selected as a pilot company of the "2016 Electronic Receipt Support Project" sponsored by the Ministry of Creation Science of the Future, and successfully executed the business. In order to spread the service, the National Tax Service, credit card company, VAN provider, POS developer, , Distributors, and franchisees.

A convenient solution that requires little user interaction

Solutions that can save you money by issuing paper receipts

Easy payment, coupon, stamp, point, household, etc.

A solution that complies with the electronic receipt standard ( participated in the standardization working group of Korea Internet Promotion Agency)
Introduction effect
  • Reduces the cost of issuing paper receipts and eliminates users’ reluctance due to environmental hormone problems and leakage of personal information.
  • Customer information, purchase information, membership information (points, coupons, etc.) can be managed efficiently.
  • You can make a variety of promotions, including flyer ads, video ads, and location-based ads.
  • You can provide a variety of additional services based on Big Data.
  • Automatically paired via Bluetooth communication with your smartphone at close range.
  • Uses non-audible signals (sound beacons) and magnetic fields to automatically drive your app.
  • Large data can be transmitted at 3Mbps.
  • It can be applied to most smartphone models of Android and iPhone series.
  • It complies with the electronic receipt distribution standard of Korea Internet Promotion Agency and can receive direct / PUSH / # mail.
Main function
  • Receipt / inquiry / management of electronic receipt
  • Cash receipt issue / inquiry / management
  • Easy payment service linkage
  • Coupons, stamps, points accumulation / use / view history / management
  • Providing and managing advertisement and event information
  • Big data collection and management (analysis of consumption patterns based on user information, purchase information, and membership information)
Service composition
Bluetooth equipment
Bluetooth pairing, APP automatic activation, user information reception (user and transmission mode identification), direct electronic receipt transmission, POS interworking
POS / CAT terminal interlocking interface
Service integration management, management of issuing address (PUSH receiving address, # mail receiving address), advertisement and additional service management
APP(smartphone app for users)
Receipt / inquiry / management of electronic receipts, additional service and advertisement link, setting management (registration and correction of issuance address and cash receipt information)
Main screen
Implementation effect
Solve the problem of issuing paper receipts.
By issuing electronic receipts, you can reduce the cost of issuing paper receipts, and can reliably solve environmental hormones (bisphenol-a (BPA) detection problems and personal information leakage problems.
Increase customer satisfaction.
In addition to convenient reception and management of electronic receipts, you can also manage services such as points, coupons, and stamps, which are customer membership services, at once through the smartphone app. In addition, customers can easily earn / inquire / use electronic receipts and membership services, which increases the satisfaction of users.
You can provide a variety of marketing services.
Big data such as customer basic information, location information, purchase history information, and membership use information are collected collectively and various marketing services such as location-based advertisement, customized information according to gender / age, and purchase notification can be efficiently Can be executed.
You can generate additional revenue from your ad base.
By utilizing the advantages of Bluetooth communication method capable of transmitting large amount of data at 3Mbps, it is possible to provide various banner advertisements including video on electronic receipt screen and user application screen, You can generate additional revenue.
Adhere to the standards and policy directions proposed by the government.
It complies with the electronic receipt standard approved by the Electronic Document Standards Committee, which is operated by Korea Internet Promotion Agency, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Creation Science of the future. It provides the service that best matches the electronic receipt diffusion policy pursued by government agencies such as the future creation science department, the Ministry of Environment and the National Tax Service There is.